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Judson Lee Music is in the business of providing outstanding musical production and service in all music styles. Please take a look around, and go to the contact page to send a message about how we can assist with your next project.

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I am fairly excited that my little client list has grown to be as filled as it these days. Click the link below to take a look at all of the people I have worked with in the recent years.

Who is Judson Lee?

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Judson Lee has been surrounded by music his whole life. Judson and all of his siblings started studying piano at the age of five, and by the age of ten were required to study a second instrument. Judson’s instrument of choice was cello.

When he was sixteen, he was encouraged to take up a third instrument, and he chose the electric bass guitar. After graduating high school, Judson was offered a full scholarship to play piano in Liberty University's premier traveling group.

While continuing his musical education, he had the opportunity to record a full orchestration session in Indianapolis at Air Borne Studios. The piece he recorded was originally composed for a Christmas project, and was later published by Prism Music.

Around the same time, he was invited by a National Fine Arts competition to compose and arrange the orchestration for a guest artist’s solo. Since graduating from Liberty with a piano performance degree, he has had the privilege to record another song in a Christmas project.

He has had multiple contemporary songs recorded by local groups. He is currently composing music for film and television underscore.

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